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Road Assistance in South Africa

Published OnDec, 2014
FormatPDF + Excel database
Cement: 2014 Market Review and Forecast
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Road Assistance in South Africa is a report about the market for this type of assistance – sometimes referred to as breakdown recovery insurance – acquired by individual consumers in South Africa. The research is based on a primary survey of over 80 actual and potential distributors of road assistance in South Africa including automotive clubs, motor insurance brands, car manufacturer brands and independent warranty providers. For each of these organisations, it establishes whether they offer road assistance in any format or not and, if they do, the partner assistance firms with which they work if they do not report managing the service themselves on an internal basis.

Having presented the provision rates for road assistance across these main categories of distributor, the study then compares the operating models that they use, shows which providers of road assistance hold the most partnerships in each category and comments upon the importance of other distribution options including online aggregators and packaging with banking products. Moreover, it quantifies the value of the market for road assistance acquired by individual consumers in South Africa in 2014, segmented by distribution channel, presents the likely market share by revenues of the leading competitors, and provides forecasts for the value of the market up to 2018.

You may be able to use this report plus the accompanying PartnerBASE™ dataset and market data annexe in one or


1.0 INTRODUCTION ........ 3
What is this report about? ......... 3
Rationale ... 3
This is the first ever published study about the market for road assistance in South Africa... ... 3
...in part because the distribution of this product involves several very different channels ........ 3
Methodology ........ 3
Primary research ......... 3
Research for this report includes over 80 actual and potential distributors of road assistance . 3
Market data ...... 4
Competitor data .......... 4
External sources ......... 5
Definitions . 5
Terms and abbreviations ....... 5
Operating models ....... 5
Currencies, exchange rates and inflation ... 6
PartnerBASE ....... 6
Finaccord .. 6

Introduction .......... 8
Distribution through key partner organisations ......... 8
Summary of organisations researched ....... 8
Provision rates . 9
Road assistance is seemingly available from all car manufacturer and motor insurance brands ........ 9
Operating models ..... 10
A majority of distributors make use of external road assistance providers... ...... 10
... although more than a quarter of all schemes are run on a purely internal basis ...... 10
Partnerships with car manufacturer brands ........ 12
The AA holds nearly half of all distribution partnerships with car manufacturer brands… ....... 12
…with Tracker also having several distribution partners in this segment of the market .......... 12
Other external providers active here include Europ Assistance and First Road Emergency .. 12
18 car manufacturer brands operate road assistance schemes internally ......... 13
Partnerships with motor insurance brands .......... 14
Europ Assistance distributes road assistance via a number of significant motor insurers… ... 14
… as does the AA ......... 14
Other providers in this segment include Allianz, AutAssist, Club McCarthy and Izinga Access ........ 14
Partnerships with independent warranty providers ........ 15
The AA is also strong as a road assistance supplier to independent warranty providers........ 15
Partnerships with automotive clubs .......... 16
The AA has amassed around 830,000 (mainly personal) members ....... 16
A few specialist clubs provide road assistance only as part of regular motor insurance policies ....... 16
Other distribution channels ..... 16
Direct distribution and other online brands .......... 16
In addition to the AA, a number of South African assistance providers sell direct to the public… ..... 16
… including vehicle tracking companies Matrix and Tracker ........ 16
Payment cards and bank accounts .......... 17
Only a small proportion of banking products feature optional road assistance .. 17
Online aggregators and brokers .... 17
South African aggregators do not compare road assistance as a distinct product ....... 17
Other types of distributor ..... 17
Vodacom offers road assistance to its customers as part of a combined assistance package ......... 17
Market size and forecast ......... 18
The rising popularity of vehicle trackers continues to benefit South Africa's road assistance market  18
Direct sales by the AA and other assistance providers account for more than half of the market value ...... 18
Leading competitors ..... 21
With its large number of direct sales, the AA dominates the South African market… .. 21
… and there is then a long tail of other smaller competitors of various types .... 22

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