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Self-Tan Market in South Africa: Market Profile to 2018

Summary This report presents data on the Self-Tan consumption trends in South Africa. It analyzes Self-Tan consumption volumes and values at market and category level. It examines the components of change in the market for the historic (2008-2013) and forecast (2014-2018) years by volumes and values, as well as the manner in

Mar, 2015 USD $200.00
Air Care in South Africa

South African society is becoming increasingly urbanised and the number of South African people living in cities increased by 7% over the course of the review period. The country’s densely populated cities are considerably more polluted that its rural areas and as South Africa’s urban pollution increased over the course of the review period, increa
Mar, 2015 USD $990.00
Bleach in South Africa

Bleach remained very popular in South Africa during 2014, with many low-income households using bleach as a multi-purpose cleaning product. Many South African consumers view bleach as an affordable alternative to other home care products due to the convenience it offers in terms of multiple applications without the hassle of needing to purchase and
Mar, 2015 USD $990.00
Dishwashing in South Africa

Hand dishwashing remains a very important home care category in South Africa as only 13% of South African households owned an automatic dishwasher during 2014. The household possession rate of automatic dishwashers is slowly increasing in South Africa, rising by one percentage point over the course of the entire review period. Nevertheless, the own
Mar, 2015 USD $990.00
Home Insecticides in South Africa

South Africa has a temperate, relatively dry climate. Rainfall takes place mainly in summer over the majority of the surface area. The Western Cape is the one exception to this as it tends to have high levels of rainfall during winter due to its Mediterranean climate. The country’s very high levels of biodiversity means that there are more than 80,
Mar, 2015 USD $990.00
Home Care in South Africa

The majority of South African consumers remained under severe financial pressure during 2014, favouring low-priced products and forgoing purchases of discretionary items which are not seen as essential. However, consumer spending is set to increase from 2015 onwards, albeit at a slow pace, rising to 2011 levels only after 2016. The majority of cons
Mar, 2015 USD $2640.00
Polishes in South Africa

Polishes is already a mature category in South Africa and it registered limited volume growth during 2014. Floor polish continues to account for the bulk of polishes volume sales in South Africa, comprising 69% of total polishes retail volume sales in 2014. Floor polish increase in current value by 7% in 2014, with growth driven by the increase in
Mar, 2015 USD $990.00
Surface Care in South Africa

South African society is becoming increasingly urbanised. This strong urbanisation trend is being driven by the phenomenal growth of South Africa’s middle class which, in turn, is predominantly due to high numbers of people from previously disadvantaged communities ascending to middle-class status. The increased number of upwardly mobile middle-cla
Mar, 2015 USD $990.00
Toilet Care in South Africa

Toilet care in South Africa remained a category characterised largely by price promotions towards the end of the review period as manufacturers sought to promote their products and retailers sought to increase volume sales. Faced with severe financial constraints, the majority of South African consumers have also become less brand loyal than previo
Mar, 2015 USD $990.00
Designer Apparel and Footwear (Ready-To-Wear) in South Africa

The South African retail market for designer apparel items continued to be characterised by international brands during 2014. The success of international brands was stimulated by the general consumer perception that international brands always offer superior quality, hence leading to higher demand for such products. International brands, such as B
Feb, 2015 USD $990.00
Luxury Accessories in South Africa

Volume sales of luxury accessories continue to see increased growth from products aimed at females sold in this category. As more women benefit from financial freedom through access to better jobs, demand for luxury accessories continues to see an upward trend. Increasingly more women prefer to be stylish and distinct in terms of the products they
Feb, 2015 USD $990.00
Luxury Electronic Gadgets in South Africa

Following the withdrawal of one known luxury MP3 brand Bang & Olufsen from the country, mobile phones have become the leading product across the luxury electronic gadgets category. Luxury mobile phones are characterised by higher unit prices of as high as ZAR120,000, with such pricing putting them beyond the reach of most South African citizens. Mo
Feb, 2015 USD $990.00
Luxury Goods in South Africa

The market for luxury goods in South Africa posted stable growth during 2014 despite the local currency taking a dip in terms of its strength against major currencies. Stable growth was driven by increased demand from foreign visitors to the country, who took advantage of the weaker currency, which made some products relatively cheaper than those f
Feb, 2015 USD $1210.00
Luxury Jewellery and Timepieces in South Africa

The category value growth of luxury jewellery and timepieces continued to be driven by international brands during 2014. Most consumers of luxury products can easily relate to well-known global brands in terms of perceived quality and value, as well as the embedded brand. With South Africa being a prime tourist destination in Africa, visitors from
Feb, 2015 USD $990.00
Luxury Travel Goods in South Africa

Consumers of luxury goods in South Africa continue to align their product preferences with global trends in terms of luxury travel goods. Whilst the trends influence volume growth, many consumers continue to demand higher quality and durability among the qualifying factors in their product choice. One way to assure consumers of uncompromised qualit
Feb, 2015 USD $990.00