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Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in South Africa

Many international retail companies are progressively looking to countries with emerging economies in order to offset the slow growth they are recording in countries with more developed economies. As South Africa has one of the most established retail markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, many international apparel and footwear specialist retai

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Electronics and Appliance Specialist Retailers in South Africa

Throughout the review period, South Africa continued to face tough economic challenges such as rising utility costs, inflationary pressures and a high debt-to-household income ratio. Despite the aforementioned challenges, electronics and appliance specialist retailers continued to record a positive performance and the channel registered

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Leisure and Personal Goods Specialist Retailers in South Africa

Bags and luggage specialist retailers recorded current value growth of 7% in 2015. As a specialist retail channel, bags and luggage retailers remains an appealing option for consumers due to the presence of expert sales staff. The consistent entry of luxury brands that retail at higher unit prices such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton also boo

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Grocery Retailers in South Africa

Macroeconomic and socioeconomic factors such as rising inflation, labour riots and rising fuel and energy costs and the falling value of the South African rand continued to impair the financial position of many consumers in the country during the review period. Consumer confidence plunged to the lowest levels in more than 14 years during

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in South Africa

The general trading conditions in South Africa’s retailing market remained challenging at the end of the review period as spending among the country’s predominantly value-conscious consumers remained constrained. This trend was exacerbated by rising utility costs, coupled with the falling exchange value of the South African rand, and ris

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Internet Retailing in South Africa

Internet retailing remained the most dynamic channel within South Africa’s retailing market in 2015. However, by global standards, South Africa’s internet retailing channel is still in its infancy. Internet retailing continued to generate positive growth in value terms throughout the review period, recording a strong double-digit current

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Mixed Retailers in South Africa

Despite the sluggish economic environment in South Africa, mixed retailers recorded positive growth in 2015. Throughout the review period, many of the companies operating in mixed retailers suffered due to constrained discretionary spending among low-income and middle-income consumers, which led to demand shifting towards products which

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Direct Selling in South Africa

Direct selling in South Africa recorded positive growth in 2015, with current value sales rising by 9% to reach R10.0 billion. Much of this growth can be attributed to the fact that the channel offers attractive products at competitive prices. In addition, increasing numbers of South African consumers are expressing an interest in becomi

Mar, 2016 USD $990.00
Clicks Group Ltd in Retailing (South Africa)

Clicks Group is expected to continue strengthening its leading position within health and beauty specialist retailers in South Africa as well as its leading position in healthcare supply management. The company is set to improve its leading position through the continuous development of new products and increasing its range of private la

Mar, 2016 USD $150.00
Pick 'n' Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd in Retailing (South Africa)

As part of the company’s expansion strategy, Pick ‘n’ Pay continues to increase its product lines in an attempt to boost spending among its customers. The company’s product profile is shifting towards homewares, DIY products, alcoholic drinks and apparel and footwear among high-income groups. Pick ’n’ Pay is expected to improve its posit

Mar, 2016 USD $150.00
JD Group Ltd in Retailing (South Africa)

JD Group’s strategy is focused on aligning its different brands in order to cater to consumers with varying levels of income as their diverse needs, aspirations and lifestyle requirements evolve. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of briefings detailing the strategic direction taken by a company. Discover

Mar, 2016 USD $150.00
Massmart Holdings Ltd in Retailing (South Africa)

Massmart has been on a major expansion drive since its acquisition by US-based multinational retail giant Wal-Mart in June 2011, which helped to boost the strength of Massmart’s supply chain in South Africa. Massmart’s aggressive growth strategy is focused on investment in its supply chain, food retailing, product diversificati

Mar, 2016 USD $150.00
Retailing in South Africa

South Africa’s economic climate remained subdued during the review period, with consumers continuing to face constraints on their disposable incomes. These constraints stem from factors such as rising inflation, volatility in the labour market, extended periods of drought, the falling exchange value of the South African rand and rising u

Mar, 2016 USD $2100.00
Pepkor Retail (Pty) Ltd in Retailing (South Africa)

Pepkor Retailing’s business strategy is based on a “narrow margin, high volume” model and the retailer caters mainly for consumers at lower end of the income spectrum, for whom low prices are the major priority. In addition, Pepkor Retail is expected to register improvements in its brand recognition and perception thanks to the possible

Mar, 2016 USD $150.00
Shoprite Holdings Ltd in Retailing (South Africa)

Shoprite’s expansion strategy is focused on gaining value share in a challenging trading environment in which consumer confidence remains low. The company’s expansion strategy includes maintaining a high pricing policy which meets consumer expectations. During the forecast period, Shoprite is expected to open more stores in urban and rur

Mar, 2016 USD $150.00