South Africa Defence and Security Report

South Africa Defence and Security Report

Published OnJun, 2016
Cement: 2014 Market Review and Forecast
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BMI View: South Africa's defence budget will remain limited in the medium term, amid difficult economicconditions and as the government focuses spending on much-needed service delivery improvements ratherthan military development. Over the longer term, as the economy improves, defence spending will registergradual growth amid rising regional terrorist threats and domestic risks linked to crime and social unrest,necessitating investment into maintaining and improving the SANDF's capabilities. We expect exports fromthe well-developed South African defence industry to grow steadily over the next decade, as foreign engagement with local companies strengthens.

Recent Developments:
-For FY2016/17, the government has allocated ZAR47bn (USD3bn) for defence. A significant share ofthe defence budget will be directed towards border safeguarding, peacekeeping missions, the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises (ACIRC) and maritime operations, as well as Operation Thusano, under which the South African National Defence Force (SANDF)'s armoured vehicles are being maintained and upgraded. This will leave limited funding available for new procurement.
-South Africa's Paramount Group unveiled its new Mbombe 8 ICV at the Kazakhstan Defence Expo inearly-June 2016.
-In May 2016, Paramount announced the formal launch of a military/weaponised version of the Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC) - the Mwari. Boeing is developing anintegrated m
BMI Industry View ....... 7
Table: Headline Defence Expenditure Forecasts (South Africa 2016-2020) . . . . 7
SWOT .... 9
Defence Industry SWOT ...... 9
Industry Forecast ...... 11
Defence Expenditure ....... 11
Table: Defence Expenditure (South Africa 2014-2019) 12
Table: Defence Expenditure (South Africa 2020-2025) 12
Defence Trade ....... 14
Table: South Africa - Key Defence Agreements . . 17
Industry Risk Reward Index ..... 18
Defence Industry Risk Reward Index ... 18
Table: Middle East And Africa - Defence Industry Risk Reward Index . . 18
Rewards ....... 19
Risks .... 19
Market Overview ....... 21
Defence Market Overview . 21
Domestic Defence Sector . 21
Domestic Defence Market 25
Armed Forces Overview .... 27
Armed Forces 27
Table: Armed Forces Personnel (South Africa 2008-2013). . 28
Table: SANDF - International Deployments 30
Security Overview ...... 31
Domestic Threats ... 31
Regional Threats .... 34
International Threats ...... 35
Company Profile 36
Aerosud . 36
BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa ...... 38
Denel .... 40
Reutech . 43
Saab Grintek Defence ....... 45
Thales South Africa .. 47
Methodology ...... 49
Industry Forecast Methodology 49
Risk/Reward Index Methodology ....... 50
Sector-Specific Methodology .... 52
Table: Defence Risk/Reward Index Indicators . . . 52
Weighting ..... 53
Table: Weighting of Defence Risk Reward Index . 53
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